Our vision is to empower individuals and communities by offering opportunities and possibilities for growth and improvement. We believe that by promoting better ways of being, doing, and thinking, we can create a better world for current and future generations.


Our mission is to empower individuals by providing education and resources in the four key areas of life: health, self-empowerment, wealth-building, and digital skills. Our goal is to help people lead healthy lifestyles, discover their own path to happiness, and achieve financial security through their newfound digital skills.


F4URY operates with four core values that guide our approach to life and wellness: holistic health, personal growth, wealth creation, and business empowerment. We strive to provide an all-encompassing view of life, encouraging individuals to pursue a healthy lifestyle, foster personal transformation, generate income through innovative ideas, and seize business opportunities for a life of freedom and fulfillment.


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Jairo Hernandez is the founder of F4URY and a published author with over 20 years of honorable military service. He served in the United States Army from 1999 to 2019 and was dedicated to helping others and developing future leaders. During his military career, he obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Transportation and Logistics Management with a concentration in Reverse Logistics. He also served as an Equal Opportunity Administration Advisor for two years, which allowed him to cultivate strong ethical standards and improve his understanding of human relations and the social characteristics of the United States.

Hernandez is a committed leader and mentors with a passion for giving back to the community. He is determined to educate and teach people about healthy living, personal growth, wealth-building opportunities, and digital skills to start an online business. He wants to help families have more time for the essential things in life and to live out their desired goals, dreams, and aspirations.

F4URY was founded with the aim of providing an all-in-one solution for people to focus on four key areas of life: health, love, wealth, and happiness. The goal is to help people find their path to happiness by providing them with the resources they need to succeed.

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4 Facets of life, Health, Love, Wealth, and Happiness

Fury: is defined as a state of inspired exaltation: FRENZY

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