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Do you often need help to plan fun activities with your kids on the weekends or feel stuck in a monotonous routine? Do you wish you could prioritize joy and build a happy and healthy home for your family but find it hard to break away from your demanding to-do list? You're not alone. Many parents face similar challenges when it comes to finding balance and happiness with their children.

Getting caught up in work, home, and family responsibilities is easy, leaving little room for spontaneous play and joy. But what if there was another way? What if there was a way for parents to feel more connected and present with their children while also creating opportunities for joy and happiness?

Create More Spontaneity for Your Family

One way to cultivate more joy and spontaneity in your family is to make room for play at home. Whether it's an impromptu dance party, a game of charades, or a silly costume contest, taking a break from your usual routine can infuse your home with joy and laughter. By prioritizing play, you can help your family feel more connected, present, and happy.

Another way to create more balance and joy in your family is by incorporating mindfulness and meditation into your daily routine. Research has shown that meditation can reduce stress and anxiety, improve focus and attention, and promote overall well-being. Introducing your children to meditation at a young age can give them valuable tools to manage their emotions and navigate life's challenges.

Balancing Structure and Spontaneity

Finding a balance between structure and spontaneity is essential to create a happy and healthy home environment. Excessive structure may result in boredom and burnout, while excessive spontaneity may lead to chaos and disarray. The right balance between the two can provide stability and routine while allowing for fun and creative opportunities.

One effective way to balance structure and spontaneity is to create a daily routine that incorporates both. For example, parents can schedule specific times for structured activities such as meals and homework while allowing unstructured playtime and fun activities throughout the day. This approach can provide stability and routine while allowing for opportunities for spontaneity and fun. Additionally, this can help children develop essential skills like time management and discipline.

Another way to balance structure and spontaneity is to involve children in planning. By asking children for input on activities they would like to do or places they would like to go, parents can help build their decision-making skills and create opportunities for bonding and fun. This can also help children feel more involved and invested in the family's daily routine. With zivaKIDS' programs, parents can also give their children the tools to manage their emotions, navigate life's challenges, and create opportunities for spontaneity and structure in daily life.

Achieving Balance and Structure with zivaKIDS

ZivaKIDS is a meditation and mindfulness program designed specifically for children aged 4 to 14 years old. Created by meditation expert Emily Fletcher, the program aims to help children build resilience, emotional intelligence, and kindness through the practice of meditation and mindfulness. By learning these skills, children are better equipped to manage stress and anxiety, improve focus and concentration, and develop a more profound sense of self-awareness.

Incorporating zivaKIDS programs into your family's daily routine can help you achieve a balance between structure and spontaneity. With two different programs tailored to other age groups, zivaKIDS provides children with the tools they need to thrive and succeed in all areas of their lives. Parents who sign up for zivaKIDS also receive access to the adult version of the program to support their children's meditation practice, helping the whole family achieve balance and structure through meditation and mindfulness.

ZivaKIDS to Find Family Balance

If you need help with meditation or mindfulness, zivaKIDS is an excellent resource for families. zivaKIDS is a meditation program designed for children ages 4-14 that teaches fun and engaging mindfulness, meditation, and manifesting techniques.

With zivaKIDS, you can learn how to manage your time at home with your children in a way that is more meaningful, less stressful, and easier on you. By giving your children the gift of meditation, you can help them build healthy habits that will serve them well throughout their lives.

The program is backed by science and taught in a way that speaks directly to kids. It emphasizes bravery, creativity, and kindness and encourages children to see themselves as superheroes. With zivaKIDS, your children can learn to manage their emotions, cultivate inner peace, and become the best versions of themselves.

Read these stories from a few zivaKIDS parents...

"When the kids get back into school, they'll now have the tools to break through old feelings and beliefs so they too can be superheroes." - Charlene D.

"My little kids love Z Bunny and the superhero badges. They ask me daily when they can meditate with Z Bunny and are proud when they get a badge after each lesson." - Stephanie G.

"I feel the peace and calm growing in both of us after only a few days! I am truly thankful for our relationship to have grown so much in such a short time." - Lydia E.

"zivaKIDS isn't just another fluffy mindfulness activity that entertains the kids. It's solidly backed by science and taught in a way that truly speaks to kids." - Kelly R.

"Sharing this experience with my daughter made it a multifaceted gift. Seeing her learn such a valuable skill and bonding through the practice has been amazing for our relationship." - John B.

"As a mom who believes in meditation for adults, it's hard to find resources to teach kids in a way that makes sense to them. Ziva does the work, makes it fun, and my kids love it!" - Shannon M.

"I love the emphasis on being a superhero. The focus on bravery, creativity, and kindness is exactly what the world needs now". - Candace S.

"Doing this with my kids provided quality time together and something we both looked forward to. It's sorta like Sesame Street meets Buddha!" - Erin J.


Ziva Testimonial

Build Resilience and Mindfulness with zivaKIDS

Every parent desires their children to be happy, healthy, and equipped to face life's challenges with resilience. But in today's fast-paced world, finding the time and resources to help our kids develop these essential skills can be challenging. That's where zivaKIDS comes in.

zivaKIDS is a meditation program designed for children ages 4-14 that teaches fun and engaging mindfulness, meditation, and manifesting techniques. By learning these skills, children can better manage their emotions and build resilience, emotional intelligence, and kindness to serve them well throughout their lives.

The PLAY Age Group - Fun and Puppets for Younger Children

For younger children ages 4-8, zivaKIDS offers The PLAY Age Group program. This program uses puppets to teach breathwork, movement, and manifesting, making it fun and engaging for younger children. The program also features Ziva's meditation expert, Z Bunny, to help children learn about kindness, emotions, and more.

With The PLAY Age Group program, your younger children can learn valuable skills to help them manage their emotions and build resilience. The program also encourages spontaneity and play, allowing your family to have more fun and joy in their daily lives.

The GROW Age Group - Science and Creativity for Older Children

For older children ages 9-14, zivaKIDS offers The GROW Age Group program. This program focuses on meditation, manifesting, and mindfulness and uses science and creativity to help children practice these essential principles. Children receive a workbook for self-expression, rather than the heavy use of puppets for the younger program.

The GROW Age Group program is designed to help older children develop the skills to manage stress and anxiety, build resilience, and cultivate inner peace. Using science and creativity to teach these skills makes the program fun and engaging for older children.

When your children sign up for zivaKIDS, parents also get access to the complimentary adult version. This allows you to be your child's "sidekick" as they begin their meditation practice. You'll have access to excellent audio, guided visualizations, and more to help support your child's journey.

With zivaKIDS, you can watch your children build resilience, emotional intelligence, and kindness. They'll develop a daily meditation practice to melt stress and anxiety, and you'll have access to workbooks, coloring pages, guided audio, and a relaxing bedtime story. Plus, with the Progress Pathway emails, you'll get help seamlessly making the zivaKIDS practice a daily habit.

Create a Happy and Joyful Home Environment with zivaKIDS

ZivaKIDS can assist parents in achieving a balance between structure and spontaneity in their family's everyday schedule. With ZivaKIDS, children are equipped with the necessary resources to succeed in all aspects of life, and parents can provide the support their children need to thrive. By imparting these tools to children, parents can help them develop the abilities required to navigate life's challenges and discover happiness and pleasure at home.

Moreover, using ivaKIDS can also assist parents in creating a stronger bond with their children. This shared experience can foster a more profound sense of connection and understanding between parents and children. Additionally, zivaKIDS encourages parents to involve their children in decision-making, allowing for bonding and fun while maintaining structure and routine. With zivaKIDS, parents can create a more harmonious and enjoyable home environment for their family while also providing their children with essential life skills. Give zivakKIDS a try to help bring out the best in your children.

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