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Functional training has become an essential component of modern fitness. For the past 25 years, Perform Better has been at the forefront of this industry, providing functional training equipment and premier educational programs for trainers, coaches, and therapists. Their innovative product line and rare facility have redefined the fitness world, bringing customers the best home workout and commercial gym equipment at affordable prices.

Perform Better leads as an online retailer of functional training equipment, providing professionals with quality fitness and gym equipment. They also have a dedicated team of experts in functional training and rehabilitation areas. This article will examine what Perform Better offers, including its product line, rewards program, facility design services, and annual seminars.

Leading the Way in Functional Training Equipment and Education

Perform Better had become synonymous with functional training, providing equipment such as medicine balls and stability balls, which became necessary when the concept of functional training surfaced. They are also an online store, offering customers the best home workout and commercial equipment at affordable prices. In addition, they provide premier educational programs, such as training and seminars, to trainers, coaches, and therapists, enabling them to perform better in their respective fields.

Perform Better is a pioneer in the functional training equipment industry, redefining how people approach fitness. Their online store features high-quality equipment designed to meet the needs of professionals and fitness enthusiasts alike.

Rewards Program: Earn Points and Redeem Rewards on Your Fitness Journey

Perform Better's rewards program is an excellent way to earn points and discounts on future purchases. Customers make one, 1.25, or 1.5 points for every dollar spent on qualifying purchases based on their rewards tier level. Customers can redeem their points for coupons and other rewards. For example, when customers reach 100 points, they can redeem a $5 coupon reward for future purchases. Click here to learn more about Perform Better's rewards program.

As You Earn Points, You'll Reach New Rewards Tiers. With Each Tier Comes New Rewards.


"Points Required" is based on your earned points during a calendar year.

Earn Your First 50 Points by Joining Today!

Build Your Ideal Home Gym with Perform Better's Equipment and Accessories

Perform Better's online store provides customers with a one-stop shop for home gym equipment. The website features a wide range of workout equipment and products, including Balance and Stabilization, Bands and Tubing, Speed and Agility, Testing and Measuring, Weight Equipment, Gift Certificates, Body Weight Training, Books, Cardio, Flexibility and Recovery, Group Fitness, Mats Flooring Padding and Turf, Medicine Balls, and Plyometric, and more. Click here to browse their digital catalog.

Your One-Stop Shop for Home and Facility Design and Equipment Needs

Perform Better's variety of commercial training equipment can easily outfit a home or entire facility. Their product line includes medicine balls, bands, tubing, suspension trainers, plyo boxes, and flooring, ensuring customers have the right equipment for their needs and budget. Additionally, they have partnered with leading finance companies in the marketplace to provide competitive rates for customers.

Expert Consultation, Design, and Installation Services for Your Fitness Facility

Perform Better's Facility Design Team works with customers to ensure their vision for their gym or training facility becomes a reality. The team will work on all the details with customers, from layout to installation, to meet their design needs and budget. Click here to learn more about Perform Better's facility design services.

International Orders: Convenient and Affordable Shipping Options Available

Perform Better accepts international credit cards and ships within and outside the United States. Customers can also take advantage of their international distributors in Austria, Europe, Canada, China, Germany, Japan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Switzerland, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, and Australia to save on shipping costs. Contacting the sales department to complete the transaction is best for international orders. Click here to learn more about Perform Better's international shipping policies.

Annual Seminars: Hands-On Learning and Inspiration from Top Fitness Professionals

Perform Better provides an in-person and hands-on learning experience through their One Day Learn by Doing Seminars and Three Day Summits. They partner with top voices in training, conditioning, and rehabilitation every year to provide coaches, trainers, and therapists with a mix of lectures and firsthand learning experiences. Click here to learn more about Perform Better's annual seminars.

3-Day Functional Training Summits: Deep Dive into Functional Training Techniques and Trends

Perform Better's 3-Day Functional Training Summits offer new topics from experts worldwide. Designed to provide trainers, coaches, and therapists with a combination of lectures and hands-on learning experiences, the summit features many of the top professionals in the industry. Click here to learn more about Perform Better's 3-Day Functional Training Summits.

One Day Learn by Doing Seminars: Affordable and Hands-On Learning for Fitness Professionals

Perform Better's One Day Learn by Doing Seminars provide trainers, coaches, and therapists with a firsthand learning experience with some of the industry's top professionals.

These seminars are offered at a very affordable price and provide an excellent opportunity for professionals to improve their skills. Click here to learn more about Perform Better's One Day Learn by Doing Seminars.

Perform Better Functional Training Institute: Continuing Education for Coaches, Trainers, and Rehab Specialists

The Perform Better Functional Training Institute in West Warwick, Rhode Island, offers innovative education for coaches, trainers, and rehab specialists. The institute provides seminars throughout the year to help professionals stay current on program design and other essential topics. Click here to learn more about the Perform Better Functional Training Institute.

Perform Better App: Stay Up-to-Date with the Latest Fitness Trends and Techniques

The Perform Better App is a free mobile app designed for professionals who train or rehab clients, patients, or athletes. The app features education from some of the world's best trainers, coaches, and therapists, including Michael Boyle, Gray Cook, Alwyn Cosgrove, Rachel Cosgrove, Todd Durkin, Sue Falsone, Martin Rooney, Charlie Weingroff, and many more. With topics ranging from strength and conditioning to program design, nutrition, business, and marketing, the Perform Better App offers a wealth of information to help professionals improve, succeed, and grow their businesses in the health and fitness industry. Click here to learn more about the Perform Better App.

Fitness Podcasts: Learn and Stay Motivated with Perform Better's Podcast Collection

Perform Better's podcasts allow customers to listen to and learn from some of the industry's top professionals at their leisure. With highlights and a choice of featured presenters and podcasts, customers can listen to the podcasts on their schedule and get inspired while continuing to learn. Click here to learn more about Perform Better's podcasts.

Transform Your Fitness Performance with Perform Better: Your One-Stop Shop for Functional Training Equipment, Education, and Design Services

Perform Better is a hidden gem worth checking out for anyone who wants to perform better in their fitness goals. With its extensive range of functional training equipment, innovative educational programs, and facility design services, Perform Better provides customers with the tools they need to succeed.

In addition, their rewards program, international shipping policies, annual seminars, mobile app, and podcasts make them a top choice for trainers, coaches, and therapists looking to stay current in the fitness industry. Click here to learn more about Perform Better.

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