We can find gluten protein in certain grains, such as barley, wheat, and rye.

A gluten-free diet helps you manage the symptoms of Celiac Disease, Gluten sensitivity, Gluten ataxia, Wheat allergy, and other medical conditions linked to gluten consumption. Such a diet has also gained popularity among people without gluten-related conditions. The alleged benefits of the diet are better health, weight loss, and increased energy.

Removing gluten from your diet changes your overall fiber intake and other nutrients, including essential vitamins. In other words, despite your reasons for following a gluten-free diet, it is necessary to know how it can affect your total nutritional intake.

Thrive Market Organic White Jasmine Rice 32 oz bag

Thrive Market, Organic White Jasmine Rice

Known for its floral aroma and slightly sticky texture, jasmine rice is a staple in Thailand and much of Southeast Asia. Fluffy and versatile, white jasmine rice is ethically sourced and is an excellent base for stir-fries, curries, rice pudding, and more.

Thrive Market Organic Black Chia Seeds 16 oz bag

Thrive Market, Organic Black Chia Seeds

Ancient Aztec messengers carried chia seeds on long journeys to stay energized for a good reason! Organic Black Chia Seeds provide the best omega-3s, fiber, essential amino acids, fiber, and iron. And since they are flavor-neutral, they can be added to almost any dish or drink for a nutritional boost.

2-Pack Jovial Organic Brown Rice Farfalle 12 oz box

Jovial Organic Brown Rice

Fancy up on your weeknight dinner with specialty bowtie pasta. Jovial makes that authentic, gluten-free farfalle pasta with organic brown rice that cooks firm just like traditional noodles and prepares it in many ways. Pour the marinara sauce on top for an Italian feast, or make homemade mac n cheese tastes great!

2-Pack Thrive Market Organic Gluten-Free Mac & Cheese 6 oz box

Thrive Market, Organic Gluten-Free Mac & Cheese

A gluten-free take on classic comfort food will please even the pickiest eaters. All will love smothered organic Italian corn, rice, and quinoa elbows in an authentic cheddar cheese sauce for a creamy, soy-free, no-fail dish. Forks up!

2-Pack Thrive Market Organic Whole Peeled Tomatoes 28 oz can

Thrive Market, Organic Whole Peeled Tomatoes

Now you can enjoy the taste of peak-season tomatoes all year round. The Organic Whole Peeled Tomatoes are chosen straight off the vine in sunny California, subsequently steam-skinned and preserved within 30 minutes of harvest for a bold, vivid flavor in sauces, soups, and pasta.

A Paleolithic diet interprets modern humans' diet about 2.5 million years ago during the Paleolithic or "Old Stone Age" era. The current problem is with meal planning. Since diet depends heavily on fresh foods, count on the commitment of planning, buying, and cooking authentic meals.

Paleo diet advocates report the many positive benefits, such as increased energy, staying fuller, and reducing food allergies.

The challenge may be for busy lifestyles or those less experienced with cooking, but there are recipes online. Excluding categories of commonly eaten foods like whole grains and dairy requires frequent label reading in supermarkets and restaurants.

Thrive Market Pasture-Raised Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast approx 1 lb

Thrive Market, Pasture-Raised Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast

Keep weeknight meals simple with GAP Step 4 pastured-raised chicken; an exceptional heirloom breed brought up humanely with no growth hormones or antibiotics. Such boneless and skinless breasts are additional tender and are ready for your favorite recipes. Ideal for: Whole30 Chicken Zoodle Soup

Mission Meats Grass-Fed Beef Kids Snack Sticks Twenty-four 0.5 oz sticks

Mission Meats, Grass-Fed Beef Kids Snack Sticks

Kids meet their match with beef sticks perfectly. Mission Meats provides a nudge of protein for long-lasting energy—each snack features 100% grass-fed, meadow-raised beef without added nitrates, hormones, or antibiotics. They are Paleo-friendly and free of sugar, gluten, and MSG. Each pack has 24 sticks.

Pederson Natural Farms Inc. Non-GMO, No-Sugar-Added Uncured Bacon 10 oz pack

Pederson Natural Farms Inc., Non-GMO, No-Sugar-Added Uncured Bacon

Smoked and uncured, Pederson Natural Farms raises its pigs humanely without using antibiotics, added hormones, MSG, nitrates, or preservatives. That means this 10-ounce pack is keto-, paleo-friendly, and Whole30-compatible.

Thrive Market Organic Coconut Aminos 10 oz glass bottle

Thrive Market, Organic Coconut Aminos

Coconut aminos provide the same sweet-yet-salty umami flavor as soy sauce and its wheat-free cousin tamari but significantly differ in nutrition. The organic sap from the coconut is how the coconut aminos are made. They can have anywhere from two to 14 times the amino acid content of soy and contains 65 percent less sodium.

Primal Kitchen Steak Fajitas Skillet 20 oz skillet

Primal Kitchen, Steak Fajitas Skillet

This sizzling skillet has all you need for a fast fajita night. A trifecta of grass-fed steak, crunchy peppers, and sweet onions is ready in minutes. Wrap them up with a tortilla or serve over rice cauliflower.

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Since 1800 raw food has been around but has recently surged in popularity. Its supporters believe that consuming natural foods is perfect for human health and has many advantages, including weight loss and better overall health.

Raw food is never heated over 104–118°F (40–48°C). With not refined, pasteurized, treated with pesticides, or processed.

But is eating a diet that primarily consists of fresh fruits and veggies or foods that do not exceed a specific temperature healthy? Although there are reasonable arguments from both sides of the raw food spectrum, most can agree that increasing your intake of nutrient-rich foods will benefit your overall wellness. However, this does not mean you must commit to a diet of just carrot sticks and celery.

Thrive Market Organic Sunflower Seeds 16 oz pouch

Organic Sunflower Seeds

A sprinkle of sunflower seeds is an effortless way to introduce nutty flavor and a ton of nutritional value, including vitamin E, magnesium, and selenium, into your diet. Enjoy the hulled, salt-free, nutrient-packed seeds straight out of the bag or mixed with nuts and chocolate for an energy-fueling trail mix.

Thrive Market Organic Dried Black Beans 14 oz bag

Thrive Market, Organic Dried Black Beans

Native to South and Central America, this is a Latin and Caribbean cuisine go-to. The organic black beans are a reliable source of plant-based protein and stand up well to bold seasonings like chiles and savory herbs. Plus, they are low-sodium and have no preservatives! Try to use them in your homemade veggie burger patties, burritos, or dips.

Thrive Market Organic Dried Garbanzo Beans (Chickpeas) 14 oz pouch

Thrive Market, Organic Garbanzo Beans (Chickpeas)

Cultivated legumes, the first ever in the world, garbanzo beans (aka chickpeas) are a protein staple in Middle Eastern and Indian cuisines. They are a crucial ingredient in hummus and chana masala and are known for their nutty flavor and buttery texture. Additionally, providing 7g of protein with each serving of Organic Garbanzo Beans. Add them to dips, stews, salads, and more!

Thrive Market Wild-Caught Shrimp, Peeled & Deveined 1 lb pack

Thrive Market, Wild-Caught Shrimp (Peeled & Deveined)

The wild-caught shrimp meet rigorous standards in production and trade, pioneering new sustainability benchmarks in the industry. And the shrimp are caught in small boats, helping reduce accidental catches and fuel use, and then processed in a state-of-the-art facility to guarantee exceptional quality—the result with a pure, fresh flavor and firm-but-tender texture that is second to none.

Thrive Market Grass-Fed Ribeye Steaks 2 x 8oz Steaks/Pack

Thrive Market, Grass-Fed Ribeye Steaks

Ribeye comes from the center portion of the rib steak and pans seared primed to perfection. 100% grass-fed cattle thanks to feasting year-round on the lush Patagonian prairies of Osorno, Chile. Perfect for: Pan Seared Ribeye

Veganism is not just about the food on your plate—it is a way of life anchored by three main pillars:

Diet: Vegans do not eat eggs, dairy, honey, gelatin, or animal products.

Lifestyle: Vegans do not wear clothing produced from animals or insects, such as leather, wool, and silk.

Environment: Vegans take an active stand against animal testing and animal welfare.

Plant-based eaters may enjoy different benefits but differ from person to person. Generally, eating a veggie-based diet helps ensure you eat lots of nutrients and, with some, report feeling well rested, more energized, and healthier.

Daiya Cheddar Style Deluxe Mac & Cheeze 10.6 oz box

Daiya, Cheddar Style Deluxe Mac & Cheese

Cows get a day off with this mac and cheese. Daiya's version is dairy-free and vegan, with a delicious cheese taste (from a creamy sauce, not powder) courtesy of natural plant-based ingredients. Daiya's health-conscious variety is also clear of gluten, soy, and peanuts and offers 5 grams of protein per serving.

2-Pack Brami Semolina Lupini Pasta, Fusilli 8 oz box

Brami, Semolina Lupini Pasta, Fusilli

Authentic pasta made healthier and crafted with just semolina wheat. Lupini beans and Brami's fusilli are filled with plant protein and whole fibers and low in net carbs, getting all the nutritious and delicious meals.

2-Pack Thrive Market Organic Pumpkin 15 oz can

Thrive Market, Organic Pumpkin

Each batch of organic pumpkins is made from sustainably farmed vine-ripened pumpkins and then poured to perfection. You and enjoy year around smooth texture and rich taste in everything from classic pumpkin pie to Thai curry to pancakes. Bonus: it is Paleo and vegan!

2-Pack Cascadian Farm Organic Sweet Corn 16 oz bag

Cascadian Farm, Organic Sweet Corn

Healthy and versatile, kept frozen organic sweet corn from Cascadian Farm in the freezer means dinners in the bag. Each serving delivers some potassium, dietary fiber, and vitamin C.

Unreal Choose Your Own Chocolate Choose 4 Items

Unreal, Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

When you want to indulge, choose an unreal decadent selection of chocolate goodies—Rich, chocolatey goodness for some melt-in-your-mouth delicacy that will satisfy even the most nagging sweet tooth. Unreal is on a mission to change the way candy is made. The company's founders create treats free of artificial flavors, dyes, and preservatives made only with certified fair trade and non-GMO ingredients.

On a vegetarian diet, you do not eat only salads daily. In fact, with so many plant-based diets growing in popularity, enjoying a varied and flavorful vegetarian lifestyle is easier than ever before. From protein-rich grains and nutrient-dense veggie recipes to delicious meat substitutes.

Eating "vegetarian" means you do not eat meat. But does it mean eggs are off the list, too? What about dairy? The truth is vegetarianism is not a one-size-fits-all diet. There are many forms of vegetarians, including people who eat eggs but avoid dairy, people who eat dairy but avoid eggs, and those who eat both dairy and eggs (not to be confused with a vegan diet that avoids dairy and eggs).

Lotus Foods Organic Millet & Brown Rice Ramen 4-pack 10 oz bag

Lotus Foods, Organic Millet & Brown Rice Ramen

Ready to eat in about 4 minutes, Lotus Foods' organic millet and brown rice ramen added with fiber and protein and of your dishes. Taste them cold and add tamari and sesame oil, or add them to a favorite soup or miso for a fast and satisfying meal.

2-Pack Thrive Market Plant-Based Shepherd?s Pie with Beyond Meat� 10 oz box

Thrive Market, Plant-Based Shepherd’s Pie with Beyond Meat®

Craving something hearty but short on time? Heat the exclusive plant-based & gluten-free shepherd's pie. With cooked carrots, peas, and green lentils until tender, then fold in a rich gravy cooked with Beyond Meat before spreading vegan mashed potatoes.

Thrive Market Plant-Based Chili with Beyond Meat�, Medium 3-Pack 3 pouches

Thrive Market, Plant-Based Chili with Beyond Meat®, Medium

With a medium spice, Plant-Based Chili with its gluten-free, plant-powered, and tasty. This chili is convenient and is made with non-GMO (including Beyond Beef Crumbles, aji Amarillo chili powder, and jalapenos). And packed in a shelf-stable microwavable pouch, you can take it on the go and enjoy it whenever possible. In addition, buy 3, and you save even more!

2-Pack Thrive Market Plant-Based Lasagna with Beyond Meat� 10 oz box

Thrive Market, Plant-Based Lasagna with Beyond Meat®

The exclusive plant-based Lasagna starts with tender noodles, dairy-free mozzarella, and the homemade-style marinara sauce simmered with Beyond Meat. (You will not believe this meal is vegan.) Heat in your microwave or oven before serving.

2-Pack Thrive Market Plant-Based Green Enchiladas with Beyond Meat� 10 oz box

Thrive Market, Plant-Based Green Enchiladas with Beyond Meat®

To make the gluten-free & plant-based green enchiladas, with tender corn tortillas with plant-Beyond Meat, dairy-free cheddar & a medley of roasted bell peppers, sweet corn, and zucchini before coating them in a spicy tomatillo-jalapeno sauce.

The term "keto" comes from ketosis, a body fat-burning metabolic state when you limit your carb intake. Without using the carbs, your body burns through fat for energy rather than glucose. Ketones are the compounds produced, and their presence means your body is in ketosis or a "fat-burning" state.

Before you begin any new diet, remember to chat with your doctor. Many individuals report weight loss due to putting the body in a state of ketosis. With the following benefits:

Lower blood pressure: A 2013 study discovered that a low-carb/high-fat diet might lower blood pressure in rodents.

More stable blood sugar levels: Low-carb/high-protein diets have been shown to support more stable blood sugar levels.

Improved focus: Studies show that a ketogenic diet may be associated with improved mental cognition and memory.

HighKey Mini Cookies, Chocolate Chip 2 oz pouch

HighKey, Mini Cookies, Chocolate Chip

Treat yourself to a gluten-free and low-carb diet. HighKey's mini cookies are sweetened with monk fruit and stevia (for 0g of added sugar) and serve up just 1g of net carbs per serving for a keto-friendly indulgence that will not wreck your food plan.

Thrive Market Wild-Caught Yellowfin Tuna 1.5 lb Pack

Thrive Market, Wild-Caught Yellowfin Tuna

The wild-caught yellowfin tuna is harvested along the Atlantic coast (from Florida to New Jersey) and flash frozen for freshness. MSC Certified fisheries use sustainable methods to help minimize overfishing and environmental impact. Perfect for: Grilled Fruit & Seafood Kabobs

Thrive Market Wild-Caught Lobster Tails 2 Pieces/8oz Pack

Thrive Market, Wild-Caught Lobster Tails

Wild-caught from within the icy waters of the North Atlantic, these tasty and meaty lobster tails add to an elegant meal. Bake and serve lemons and butter or mix the meat into creamy pasta.

Thrive Market Keto Meat & Seafood Box about 8.5 lbs

Thrive Market, Keto Meat & Seafood Box

Cook your way through keto with protein-rich, sustainably sourced picks. Whether grilling up burgers and steak or simmering a stew, every grass-fed beef option is from pasture-raised cattle in Patagonia, Chile. For an easy chicken or pork dinner, their organic options come from small family farms in the U.S. When you are ready to switch it up with some seafood, wild-caught sockeye salmon, and work with MSC Certified fisheries in the freezing waters of Alaska.

Thrive Market Organic Baby Back Pork Ribs about 36 oz

Thrive Market, Organic Baby Back Pork Ribs

The Organic Baby Back Pork Ribs were gathered on a small family farm in the USA and built with a deep appreciation for animal welfare and sustainable practices. That means every GAP 2 certified pig has free access to pasture year-round, is vegetarian fed, and raised with no antibiotics for quality you can taste. Bake them low and slow for fall-off-the-bone tenderness every time.

Autoimmune diseases occur when your immune system wrongly attacks its bodily tissues. It feels about as good as it sounds, and if you or someone you care for has ever experienced the complications that come with autoimmune issues, you know how tough it can be to figure out how to help—rather than exacerbate—unpleasant symptoms.

Collaborating with Professionals

The Autoimmune Protocol (AIP), a designed diet for these challenges in mind and aimed to help reduce inflammation in the body. While working with a health professional to customize a program just for you is always best, Thrive Market is a suitable place to start. They have top AIP-compliant ingredients to stock your pantry and help make mealtime easier.

This is a stricter version of the paleo diet, which focuses on consuming foods our ancestors loved, like fish, meat, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. AIP suggests removing all foods that can cause gut inflammation (think: grains, eggs, and dairy) and swapping in nutrient-rich foods such as bone broth, grass-fed meat, and vegetables.

Switching to an AIP diet may help reset the immune system and reduce symptoms of autoimmune diseases. Prevent secondary autoimmune diseases from forming.

AIP Diet Pantry Staples Shopping List

Find healthful ingredients that make it easier for you to follow this anti-inflammatory diet plan with the AIP diet shopping list.

Thrive Market Organic Chicken Tenders approx 1.25 lbs

Thrive Market, Organic Chicken Tenders

Tenders are always a family favorite. They are sliced from white meat from the breast of free-range and Certified Organic chickens (GAP Step 3) who enjoy plenty of outdoor access and no added hormones or antibiotics.

Thrive Market Organic Chicken Box about 9.5 lbs

Thrive Market, Organic Chicken Box

Fill your freezer with the premium cuts of Certified Organic chicken that are ready for marinades, roasting, or outdoor grills. The chickens are humanely raised on a family-owned farm, free-range birds that enjoy plenty of time outdoors without not added hormones or antibiotics.

Thrive Market Wild-Caught Jonah Crab Claws, 2 Pack 2 x 24 oz packs

Thrive Market, Wild-Caught Jonah Crab Claws

This sweet Jonah Crab Claw caught along the Atlantic coast and flashed frozen to keep the freshness. Working with sustainable crabbing to help protect oceans from overfishing and minimize environmental impact.

2-Pack Jovial Organic Grain-Free Cassava Penne Pasta 8 oz box

Jovial, Organic Grain-Free Cassava Penne Pasta

Italian artisan crafted with cassava flour created Jovial's penne. The recipe cooks just like traditional noodles and is free from gluten, grains, legumes, gums, lectin, and the top eight allergens.

This diet helps people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) know which foods are troublesome and reduce symptoms.

FODMAP is the short name for fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides, and polyols, in nutshell-chain carbohydrates (sugars) that the small intestine will absorb poorly. Some people feel digestive distress after consuming them. With such symptoms as cramping, diarrhea, constipation, stomach bloating, gas, and flatulence.

Thrive Market Pasture-Raised Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast approx 1 lb

Thrive Market, Pasture-Raised Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast

Keep weeknight meals simple with a GAP Step 4 pasture-raised chicken, a special heirloom breed raised humanely without growth hormones or antibiotics. These boneless and skinless breasts are extra tender and ready for your favorite recipes. Perfect for: Whole30 Chicken Zoodle Soup

Thrive Market Wild-Caught Alaskan Sockeye Salmon 1.5 lb Pack

Thrive Market, Wild-Caught Alaskan Sockeye Salmon

The wild-caught Sockeye salmon is harvested in frigid Alaskan waters and flash frozen to keep its freshness. And work with MSC Certified fishery that uses environmental methods to minimize overfishing and ecological impact.

Thrive Market Organic Sprouted Quinoa 16 oz bag

Thrive Market, Organic Sprouted Quinoa

Quinoa is an excellent source of essential protein, amino acids, iron, and dietary fiber. Experiment with it as a side salad topper or coat it with fish or poultry. You can even grind it into fine flour for baking. Now offers a variety of healthful baking ingredients and nutritious grains. It is the perfect collection for all dietary needs and healthy cravings.

Thrive Market Organic Sprouted Popcorn 16 oz bag

Thrive Market, Organic Sprouted Popcorn

A sprouted gluten-free treat is the perfect blend of crunch and flavor. For best results, cook on a stovetop. You get all the wholesome ingredients and nutritious grains from sprouted popcorn. It is the perfect collection for all dietary needs and healthy cravings.

Organic foods are grown or produced without pesticides, GMOs (genetically modified organisms), or synthetic fertilizers. The term also refers to animals used for meat, poultry, or eggs raised without growth hormones or antibiotics. Organic farmers also practice sustainable methods of farming that benefit the environment.

Here is a look at the benefits:

Chances are you will consume fewer pesticides. These substances are often used on non-organic food to prolong the shelf life of the finished product and lead to more plentiful crops. However, pesticides can leave behind a residue that gets transferred to the human body once ingested. And that residue could be associated with some severe health problems.

Organic food does not contain as many preservatives or artificial ingredients as non-organic food.

When you buy organic, you are putting the environment first. That is because most organic farms incorporate more eco-friendly and sustainable practices and may even support the environment's health.

Thrive Market Organic Breakfast Blend Coffee, Ground 12 oz bag

Thrive Market, Organic Breakfast Blend Coffee, Ground

Thrive Markets Organic Ground Breakfast Blend is a medium roast coffee with dark chocolate, toffee, and caramel flavors. This blend’s smooth and mild cup has lively undertones, minimal acidity, and a sweet finish. And made with high-quality Arabica beans ethically sourced from Peru and roasted fresh in California.

Lundberg Family Farms Thin Stackers Brown Rice, Lightly Salted 24 rice cakes, 5.9 oz box

Lundberg Family Farms, Thin Stackers Brown Rice, Lightly Salted

Lundberg Family Farms Thin Stackers are a clever hybrid: airy and thicker than a cracker but denser than a rice cake; they are a new gluten-free option for all snacking needs. When layering these stackers with cheese, spread with peanut butter, top with deli meats, or dunk into spinach and artichoke dip. The possibilities are endless!

2-Pack Jovial Organic Brown Rice Spaghetti 12 oz box

Jovial, Organic Brown Rice Spaghetti

Crafted in Italy using traditional manufacturing techniques and selected types of rice, brown rice pasta is as close to conventional as gluten-free. The future of gluten-free is delicious, wholesome, and satisfying food.

Annie's Organic Microwaveable Macaroni & Cheese Cups two cups

Annie's Organic Microwaveable Macaroni & Cheese Cups

When you are hungry, do not have time to wait for noodles to cook. These Organic microwaveable macaroni & cheese cups correct this issue with the same big taste as the boxed variety that cooks in just two minutes after adding some water. In every cup, the convenience in these 2-packs features organic pasta and 100% real cheese.

Thrive Market Organic Chicken Party Wings approx 1.25 lbs

Thrive Market, Organic Chicken Party Wings

You will be ready for anything with wings in the freezer. The ethically raised chicken (GAP Step 3) has been air-chilled, locking in the flavor, pre-cut at the joint, and removed wing tip. For less prepping in the kitchen and more time to party.

Whole30® Compatible

On Whole30, you can eat many fresh foods commonly found in a traditionally healthy diet. But unlike other plans, you must clear all grains, legumes, and dairy. If you've been feeding your body junk and seeing the effects of an unhealthy diet, the Whole30 program might be the right fit.

The Whole30 diet is a rigorous 30-day elimination diet many people are looking for to lose weight or assist with digestive concerns. The program urges you to cut alcohol, sugar, grains, legumes, dairy, and food additives from your diet for 30 days. It can also help a total lifestyle change rather than a simple diet.

Thrive Market Grass-Fed Ground Beef Patties 85/15 4 x 4 oz Patties

Thrive Market, Grass-Fed Ground Beef Patties 85/15, 2

Build a better burger with 85% lean, pasture-raised ground beef patties. The 100% humanely raised grass-fed cattle on the Patagonian prairies of Osorno, Chile, where the cattle graze outside year-round.

Thrive Market Wild-Caught Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Box About 6 lbs

Thrive Market, Wild-Caught Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Box

Get your freezer complete with this sustainably caught wild salmon prepared to star in your next dish. MSC-certified seafood comes from cold Alaskan waters. Plus. Every bite offers rich flavor and a helping of omega-3s.

Thrive Market The Sustainable Seafood Sampler About 7.5 lbs

Thrive Market the Sustainable Seafood Sampler

Fill your freezer with sustainable & mindfully sourced seafood that is filled with nutrients. All in this bundle is wild-caught, Pacific cod, albacore tuna, yellowfin tuna, Alaskan sockeye salmon, shrimp, and scallops feeling good about every bite.

2-Pack Wild Planet Wild Pink Salmon Pouch 3 oz pouch

Wild Planet, Wild Pink Salmon Pouch

Wild Pink Salmon is sustainably caught up in the cold, clear Alaskan waters by small-scale fishing families. Boneless and skinless, such a delicious salmon, when cooked right in the pouch to retain nutritional value and flavorful natural juices. Wild Planet's single-serve bag makes it so convenient and tasty, healthy wild pink salmon.

2-Pack Miracle Noodle Organic Ready to Eat Angel Hair Style Noodles 7 oz pouch

Miracle Noodle, Organic Ready to Eat Angel Hair Style Noodles

Crafted using a recipe from Buddhist monks, Miracle Noodle's ready-to-eat angel hair noodles are made with 97% water and 3% konjac plant flour. (They're also gluten-free, keto, and low-carb.) Pre-cooked and sealed for freshness, drain any residual moisture, and toss in a soup, stir-fry, or your favorite pasta dish.

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