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Hello, everyone. My name is Jairo Hernandez. The easiest way to say my first name is Hi-row, which is how you say it.

Our life's journey is not without purpose and meaning. I came to this powerful realization at the young age of 19. In 1996 in Texas, I purchased my first book on meditation, The Silva Method, by Jose Silva. I don't believe in coincidences when everything happens for a reason and is meaningful and synchronistic in everything we do in life. But something inside of me drew me to the book. I cannot fully explain it.

I just went to Barnes & Noble, and the book fell on my lap. Reading this book and absorbing the contents opened my mind to limitless possibilities to see the world differently. It was a life-changing encounter that led me to a better life of awareness. It also sparked a lifelong journey of learning more about the mind to understand how it works.

Then three years later, I joined the U.S. Army, forever changing the course of my destiny. It was a life-shifting event at the time, especially given that I somehow found myself in the rough company as a teenager before joining the U.S. Army. I landed in county jail for driving under the influence of alcohol in Texas at the age of 20. The adage, "you are the company you keep," rings true as I reflect on my past.

I was born in 1977 in New Mexico, United States. My parents immigrated to the U.S. from Mexico before my siblings, and I were born, and we grew up with an abusive father and a mother who did her best to keep us afloat financially. Growing up with two siblings, an older sister, and a younger brother, I was not alone in our struggles at home. We were left to our own devices and gained early independence, making decisions for ourselves. I was born mainly by nature, learning everything independently. It was tough for my siblings and me, especially with parents who spoke little English.

The environment I experienced as a child from a "broken home" was overwhelming. Making responsible decisions for my life seemed challenging until I experienced the first impactful turning point when I read, The Silva Method. Life events always present critical junctures to experience new opportunities disguised as challenges.

Both parents were too busy working trying to make it in their new environment in the U.S. I know they did their best for what was working for them for our family, and I am grateful for the sacrifices they had to make for us, despite their struggles. However, many years passed, and I felt we were stuck in one place, not going anywhere or doing any better as a family.


After reading the Silva Method and learning more about the power of the mind, and our abilities to harness it by making new choices. I was convinced that there was more to life for me. My outlook expanded as I learned about the vast opportunities we can create for ourselves when we make up our minds. I knew for the first time at the age of 19 that my thoughts and actions could keep me stuck in the same place or propel me forward in a new direction.

In 1999 when my mother decided to bail me out of jail for driving under the influence, I knew what to do. Especially when the court lowered the charges from driving under the influence to reckless driving, I put more effort into my thoughts and decided the best way for me was active duty in the U.S. Army. I have my elder sister to thank for my decision to join the United States Army Reserves right after I graduated high school in 1996. When she graduated from high school in 1995, she joined the U.S. Coast Guard, making it easier for me to find a way out of the environment I was stuck in after being arrested for going on active duty in the military was the best choice I could make for myself.

Qualities of persistence and determination led me to accomplish more than 20 years of honorable military service. I excelled in many areas and was promoted to higher levels of responsibility in leadership positions in no time at all. It was essential to make this severe shift in my life, to live out my true potential, or have a higher calling.

During my military career, I was stationed in 5 different countries and many locations across the United States. I gained knowledge in finances, fitness, and nutrition while serving. However, the key area I have been most intrigued about for many years is how our minds work. Our environment can shape us, or we can transcend its limitations. I chose the latter.

While serving in the military, I learned so much from my leaders to fully understand the importance of surrounding ourselves with inspiring, successful people. Who possess more knowledge than we do–they have the potential to illuminate our path with their wisdom. When we prepare ourselves by attaining knowledge and skills, we can serve others and be of value to our communities and the world.

I spent many hours studying meditation, reviewing books on neuroscience and other scientific studies about the power of the mind, and watching endless documentaries as part of my research. To fully understand that there is a connection between the brain and heart and that our thoughts and emotions impact our bodies. The brain is one of the most magnificent creations in the universe because when we learn something new. New neural pathways are created in our brains, and through repetition, we can strengthen these new learnings into powerful new habits to drive change in human behavior.

Even our memories can either hold us back in life or propel us forward, knowing how to manipulate those neural pathways in our brains to work in our favor and not against us. Science tells us that everything is possible to become masters of our destiny. However, we must study it for ourselves to appreciate the wisdom behind the scientific understanding of the mind. I accept that there are some unexplainable things that science cannot clearly explain. These events remain mystical encounters–the best way I define the unexplainable.

During my days in the military, I used the information I gained through my research about the mind, neuroscience, and quantum physics to cultivate strategies to heighten the awareness of equality for all. This approach also helped build leadership skills in people and enhanced team cohesion, from taking care of our bodies through daily physical activities to eating well and staying healthy. My focus was on the well-being of our service members and their families. Getting to know the team better and their families was an essential part of the mentoring and coaching process. Finding out more about their goals was also crucial, as this is how I could further provide them guidance, support, and mentorship. Goal setting and mentoring were critical to my team's transformation process. If they decided to get out, I knew I had done my best and taught them to be successful in whatever venture they chose to explore after military service.

I realized many people limit their true potential and block themselves through self-sabotage while I served in the military. When recalling my early childhood, I witnessed firsthand how things can fall apart when we succumb to merely surviving through challenges instead of stepping up and planning our days better. We all have experienced similar life challenges and events that shape our habits, thoughts, and decision-making.

I have assisted thousands of others through my military service to help them make new powerful choices for themselves. It all boils down to having a mindset of curiosity and being open to learning new things. This is how we shift our thoughts and transform our lives through our subconscious mind.

When we become aware of our thoughts and emotions and become observers of these thoughts and behaviors, we realize where we need to go in life. My philosophy is simplified: "Life is a series of synchronistic encounters leading us to unknown new possibilities–when we are conscious of these blessings, good or bad." Knowing and accepting that life is a big learning lesson will help you overcome setbacks and become whom you are meant to be.

In my quest to spread transformative education, why I created a unique online community called F4URY.COM. Here you will also find the necessary resources in one place to discover new ways of finding meaning in life. The focus of F4URY is on educating the community about health, love, wealth, and happiness. It is important to me to spread my teachings far and wide across the globe.

Many other vital events occurred in my past while growing up and serving in the military. I could have gone in any direction, choosing to quit or give up, but I always listened to my inner voice and enjoyed the journey–no matter what direction life took me. I am not saying that everything in my life is peachy fine. I have had my fair share of life's knocks and undesirable situations happen, and I will possibly continue to encounter new challenges as I continue to shift my awareness.

When we have control over where we want to be because our future is determined by what we think we can achieve. Our environment and past do not have to be the excuses we make for falling short of achieving success. It is more about how you think, what you do, and the steps you are willing to take to create a new inspiring reality.

Anyone can change their path or direction in life, but it is up to you to decide on the way forward. You will discover this on my website for creating a successful, achievable life.

"Our past does not define who we are but who we will be in the future."

This is my story, and I hope to be of service to you. Thanks, and Take care and have and live the best life ever.

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