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Neutral Foot Description

Neutral pronation means the natural roll of the ankle during your stride. It is usual for your foot to roll inward about 15 degrees as it contacts the ground. This motion helps absorb the impact of running, walking, and jumping, alleviating the pressure on the feet, knees, and ankles. Unless your foot rolls about this much, you still have neutral pronation.

Neutral footwear is for those with neutral or basic pronation. However, mild pronators will do nicely in neutral shoes as well. Neutral shoes provide some shock absorption and arch-side or medial support.

Shoes for neutral runners avoid the bulky stability or motion-control features of shoes with severe over-pronators. For this reason, neutral shoes do not have to provide stability for the foot and compensation for flat feet; they can be lighter and more streamlined.

On the other hand, neutral feet usually do not need the extra cushioning favored by under-pronators struggling with foot flexibility. Once again, this can lead to slightly lighter shoes.

Below is a list of neutral support shoes for this type of foot. If you go through our site, you will never pay extra. We have researched the following shoes that will provide the best foot support and found them on Amazon.

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