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Regarding footwear, one size does not fit all—and we're not just talking about shoe size. From flat feet to high arches, everyone's feet are unique and have different needs. Knowing what type of feet you have will make a real difference to how you feel in the mind and body. It's all about having the proper footwear that will also bring out the balance in your life.

Without worrying about finding the right shoe, it is all about how your feet feel when you have them on, and if they feel great, those are the winners. Then if they do not, there are many other options because we are on our feet most of the time. Finding the correct fit will also psychologically make you feel better overall and makes sense because you are taking care of your feet with the right shoes that will take care of your feet.

Here is how to know what type of feet you have:

  1. Shoes for Maximum Support and Motion Control

If you have flat feet, you tend to pronate (walk on the insides of your feet), which can cause various medial-sided (inner) ankle and foot problems. "Motion control" shoes offer the highest heel and arch support control to counter the effects of flexible flat feet.

Whether you have a specific foot problem, like arthritis, plantar fasciitis, or tendonitis, or are an overpronator, sneakers with motion control are best.

This feature separates the heel from within the forefoot zone of the shoe. Motion control gives the shoe excellent stability, which is resistant to foot pronation. Overpronation can lead to plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, and knee problems in the long run.

  1. Stability Shoes

If you have regular standard feet, which also can include mid and high arches with a normal range of foot motion, you have a wide variety of shoes to pick from, and you should be sure to opt for comfortable shoes with good arch support. "Stability" shoes provide moderate stability for people with average arches who run, spend much time on their feet, or go on long walks.

Stability athletic shoes feature simple sneakers that provide good support but have less control other than the foot motion than a motion control shoe. Stability footwear will be a good option for feet that do not overpronate or may require additional support. They are favored by anyone who enjoys a little flexibility in their shoes instead of the rigid, stiff-soled styles.

  1. Cushioned Shoes

If you have high arches, you tend to supinate (walk on the outsides of your feet), which can cause an array of lateral-sided (outer) ankle and foot problems.

Cushioned shoe styles accommodate people who prefer shoes that absorb shock. They're less rigid and have less control than other styles, so they can be easier to flex in half or twist. For some, these may not be the best choice for overpronators or someone with foot or ankle instability issues.

  1. No Stabilizing Shoes Needed

Neutral is the most common type of foot. A neutral kind of foot lands on the heel and rolls forward while the gait cycle of running with the impact is distributed evenly across the forefoot. You also have a wide variety of shoes you can select from, from stabilizing, motion control, and cushioned shoes, depending on your feet's needs.

When you get neutral shoes, they have no stabilizing features but allow the foot to flex and move without guidance. Like with motion-control and stability are intended to help offset excessive pronation or the inward rolling of feet when impacted by the ground.

When to change out your footwear

The more you run, the more frequently you'll need to replace your running shoes. As a rule of thumb, swap your old shoes for new ones every 300-500 miles or 4-6 months of routine running.

If you don't track your miles, add a calendar alert for four months after the date of purchase. Please look at your shoes to see how they're holding up. Monitor how your feet feel or seek professional guidance. Once you know how long your shoes will tend to last, you can set your alerts accordingly. This will allow you to see if you need to replace your shoes with new ones.

Click the link on the step-by-step process to correctly measure you're your feet.

"Choosing the right shoe size when shopping online?"

Watch Quick Video: (Guidance from a Podiatrist)

When knowing, reading, and understanding what type of feet you have and measuring your feet correctly. Now you can check out or click the buttons to see a list of shoes we have researched for both men and women, all found on Amazon. You can now make your feet happy once again and select from many other brands.

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