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Stability Foot Control  Description

The general definition of a stability shoe is that it supports those who overpronate. Pronation is a natural process of your arch collapse and ankle rolling inward as soon as the ground contact to help the body absorb the shock of impact.

With normal pronation, the arch stiffens as the foot continues towards push push-off the ground, and all your toes contribute to the pushing-off, with the big toe and second toe transferring most of the force. By contrast, the other toes act mainly as stabilizers. During the push-off, the sole of your foot will face the back of your body without the foot being turned outward or inward.

Along with overpronation, the arch collapses too low, and the ankle will tend to roll inward upon ground contact and keeps rolling inward when your toes should begin pushing off the ground. It causes the big toe and second toe to take a whole load of these toes without stabilization from the other toes. While you push off, the sole will be turned outward, and the knee will often collapse inward (known as knee valgus). Besides putting more substantial strain on the first two toes, the excessive foot rotation leads to a more significant tibia spin and may contribute to "shin splints" and knee pain.

Stability Foot Control Goal

The goal of a stability shoe is to supply enough support to allow the foot to navigate through an optimal pronation motion, with every toe contributing to the push-off. At the same time, the ankle, tibia, and knee are all moving in the forward direction.

Below is a list of stability shoes for this type of foot. We have researched the following shoes that will provide the best foot support and found them on Amazon.

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